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4 Stages of a Collaborative Project

An Introduction to Dragon Dreaming

Project Management is one of the skills needed to get a good job nowadays. A big problem is that it can often not hear what all members have to say, becoming my project instedead of our project. How to make it a team activity?

According to the Dragon Dreaming methodology on collaborative project management, invented by John Croft, you should have four stages to better manage your projects.

1. Dream

The first step to begin a project is the dream phase. That doesn't mean you all have to sleep together, or actually sleep. It means that you all share your voice and thoughts about the project, asking the question: "what does this project need to be 100% mine?".

Doing so, you add to the project what your expectations are and what are the things that this project needs contemplate in order to be all yours.It's a team brainstorming where everyone gets the chance to say what, in their opinion, would make this project theirs, would make it better. This round is made with no judgement and it only stops when nobody have nothing to add anymore. The dream part makes everyone part of the project, motivating to bring their dream project into life.

2. Plan

This stage most of us are used to do, how to plan a project. The idea is to, before start planning, have a sentence that summarize all dreams before mentioned. The methodology says now to create critera to filter the decisions.

Based on that sentence that speaks up for the project, making lists of important tasks that would need to be fulfilled in order to bring the project into life. For the planning you can use the methodology that you want, since the Karabirrdt, the methodology used on Dragon Dreaming can be a little hard to get.

So the simpler, the better. Breaking objectives in small tasks and assigning someone to take care of it is a good way to not have misunderstandings on who's job should make it. Try to make it SMART, specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bounded.

3. Execute

This part is also essential for any project. Plan can't always be accurate, but the more we can execute it, the better. The execution is making sure you plans getting out of paper. You can either use KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to indicate the success (measure it) or simply change the collors on the plan from red (not done), to yellow (doing) and green (done). Do the way that fits you best!

4. Celebrate

Celebration is one of the most important parts of any project. It accounts for the stage of learning and motavation. When a project is finished, be sure to make a round of questions about it. Some questions would be:

  • What was good?
  • What could be better?
  • What did we learn?
  • What did we accomplish?

Doing so you will have not only a stronger team, being aware of your difficulties and strenghts, but also know how to handle next projects. The celebration part should also be included always, trying to remember the team of the dream, what motivates them, celebrating small wins, taking care of the team in a personal level. Go celebrate, have a coffee, a happy hour, dance or whatever makes your team happy. Celebrate one more success!

With all that, I'm sure you can manage projects better, making your team be part of it, sharing your dream and letting it die, so a new, collective dream can raise.


About Ivan: For the last few years, Ivan has followed the path of facilitation, with a dream to live in a world where individuals and organizations can achieve their best. Doing so, he believes people can live their lives to the fullest and organizations can delivery their products and services to make the world a better place.

Using group methodologies such as theater and the art of hosting, he can help individuals and organizations to see whats underneath, building awareness and stronger teams. With the help of anthroposophy and coaching, he tries to show the stages of development and give tools for better awareness and  self-development.

Book a conversation at: or shoot him an email at

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